Using Your Analytics As A Blogger

Your web site may have one or many blogs, and the content that you provide can come from many different business practices and activities. I’m here to suggest another source: your web site analytics reports.

We’ve had a lot of blog posts over the past year on various web development related issues and questions, but when we look at our Google Analytics keyword report for the past year, there’s a whole lot of material to consider for the future, based on the searches that found us even though we didn’t really provide much content on that area. This is just a sample of what we’ll consider for future topics:

  • embedded texting
  • feedburner
  • government email
  • local governments using texting
  • online payments
  • web site contracts
  • wikis

We have text on our site that includes those terms but we’ve not dedicated any particular blog post to those topics.  Search engine traffic to our site indicates some interest in those topics, and we do work in these areas, so it makes sense to provide more content on them in the future.

Another thing you’ll discover when you look at your Analytics report for search terms and keywords is the creativity of misspelling.  Or mispelling. 🙂  Sometimes it can be more significant than you would think in search results.