The New Wild Apricot Store Shopping Cart

I took a look at the new Wild Apricot Store shopping cart last week.

The initial release of the Wild Apricot Store Shopping Cart appears to be very easy to set up but also very rudimentary in options. Essentially you have six fields:

  • Item
  • Public Price
  • Member Price
  • Image(s) of Item (up to six images)
  • Tag(s) of Item (for categorizing your store with your web pages)
  • Description of item.

There is an obvious gap here for attributes. For example, you might want to sell a shirt that comes in 4 sizes, and available in 4 colors. In today’s version, that would require 16 different store records (one for each color and size), instead of one entry with multiple defined attribute options. Wild Apricot says that this option – the attributes option – is their top feature addition priority.

But in the early going of the store cart, organizations probably are going to only want to sell items that come in 1 or 2 flavors at most, and expand up when the upgrade arrives.