Have You Noticed the U.S. Mail Service Volume Is Slowing?

No, this isn’t an article about how the Internet is reducing the value of the U.S. Mail.

The U.S. Postal Service reported that for the last three months of 2017:

“… and package volumes grew by 111 million pieces, or approximately 7%, while mail volumes declined by approximately 2.0 billion pieces, or approximately 5%, continuing a multi-year trend of increasing package volume and declining letter volumes. “

And I’m sure it has dropped more in the first few months of 2018.

Maybe you’re at our web site because you received our postcard.  We’re betting that the low volume of mail right now will make our postcards more visibly valuable.  It seems like the mail is a marketing opportunity for our web services, an opportunity that is not overly saturated.  As long as we target appropriately, we think we can drive market to our site this way. There aren’t many competitors using the mail right now.  In fact, when we see what we get daily, there aren’t nearly as many marketers using the mail as there used to be.

Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean it isn’t also an opportunity.

We’re only mentioning this because we think other organizations might benefit from trying to use the mail to drive web traffic – if you can target appropriately.  Just like in search engine marketing – targeting is the key.