For Our WordPress Clients, about Gutenberg

You need to read this.

A big change is coming to the way content is created within WordPress. Called “Gutenberg”, it is a brand new editor that is meant to make the process of adding rich media to your content a more intuitive process. It’s scheduled for release with WordPress 5.0, which could arrive this spring or summer.

To repeat: It is a big change.

This is considered to be the biggest change to the WordPress software in WordPress history. This upgrade has to be coordinated with all of those that must function with the core software – plugin developers, theme developers, hosting companies, and then developers and designers and administrators and user accounts. SO… that’s a pretty big deal, and even though this change has been in the works for quite a long time, it is still being worked out, and there is still plenty of marketplace confusion about where we’ll end up with. There is considerable marketplace consternation about how the final WordPress 5.0 will work, or not work, with existing sites upon release. So our mantra will be: go slow.

We are going to install a plugin so that you can use the old editor initially. Several reasons for that – you’ll want some training info on the new editor, there are always bugs and fixes in the WordPress core and plugin community that will pop up only after millions of users are implementing code changes, and we want to keep the customer need manageable during this change.

Our goal for our WordPress clients will be for as seamless as a transition as it absolutely possible to the software upgrade, and only after a bit of time after the transition, to work with you on how to take advantage of the new features and changes.

We will be sending further information out in future expanding on these plans. We will keep you in the loop.