Wild Apricot IP Change

For our Wild Apricot customers:

You should have received an email from Wild Apricot that explains their hosting move to Amazon Web Services on July 4, 2017. 

After that move is made, Wild Apricot should be sending out an email a few days later that lets you know the new IP address that the new hosting is using.  We will have two months after that to change the custom DNS of the domain name to point to the new IP address.

If Kessler Freedman, Inc., has access to the custom DNS setup of your domain, we will take care of this for you.  If we do not have access, we will let you know, and if it is provided to us, we will make the change for you as well.

So, bottom line – don’t worry about this move as far as what needs to be done with the custom DNS.  We have you covered, and we have 2 months to get it squared away.