Certain Wild Apricot Themes No Longer Supported Going Forward

As of April 24, 2017, Wild Apricot stopped supporting a small number of older website themes. Below is an excerpt of the email sent out to their customers:


This will allow us to focus our development and testing efforts on newer, more responsive themes.


Which themes are we talking about?


The older themes that we are no longer supporting are:

  • Blueprint
  • Clean Lines
  • Dark Impact
  • Granite

  • Treehouse
  • White Space
When explaining the implications of this decision to us, Wild Apricot explained they generally mean they will not be intentionally designing new gadgets or applications with these themes in mind.  New gadgets and applications MAY need a change from these themes in order to be implemented.  EXISTING gadgets and applications should continue to work on these themes at this time.
Although there is not necessarily a reason in terms of functionality to change your theme at the current time, there is likely to be a reason at some point in the future as new items are offered through Wild Apricot.  Not sure what that means for your site?  We’ve been designing Wild Apricot sites since 2009, feel free to let us know if you’d be interested in having us take a look at your site