Maintenance and the WordPress Web Site

Many web developers that work with WordPress – including ourselves – will offer a maintenance service.   Sometimes we run into the question of “why do we need a maintenance service?”
There are some clear issues about keeping a WordPress web site current and effective in terms of software:
  • Making sure that WordPress version updates are maintained.
  • Updating Plugin versions.
  • Retaining backups.
  • Plugins can have updates that conflict with other plugins, and plugin updates can be discontinued, which require research and installation of a different plugin if the feature or benefit is important to the site.
In addition, issues of security are becoming more and more prevalent with any hosted software.  Sometimes those issues are server-oriented, sometimes software-oriented, but it’s good to have somebody that knows the WordPress terrain in case it requires making security changes to your site.  The worst thing you can do with your WordPress site is to not keep current with versions.
And that’s just a start.  A good developer will suggest additional options for your site that may or may not include wordpress or plug-in features as part of maintenance as well. 
If you have somebody in-house that has WordPress skills beyond editing existing pages, you may not need a developer to maintain your site.  But just because it’s sturdy now doesn’t mean it will stay that way without some experienced vigilance.  If your organization does not have expertise in house in WordPress and web site development, you should retain it externally for your WordPress-based web site.  You will eventually be very glad you did.