For Our Wild Apricot Clients

In May of 2014 Bonasource, Inc., will begin releasing the anticipated upgrade to their Wild Apricot software-as-a-service. We plan to attend at least one of their webinars next week and over the course of the next few weeks learn about new options for design of Wild Apricot sites and implementation of all the features, current and future, that can taken advantage of by an association using their service.

Wild Apricot has announced that there shouldn’t be negative repercussions from the upgrade release – current sites should still operate as they do, appear as they do, etc. But as in all such releases, you’re never 100% absolutely positive until it actually is completed, so Wild Apricot users should be aware of what is going on and even more attentive to the functioning of their site than they have been before. For our clients, we will work with you and Wild Apricot after the release to implement the changes that can be used effective by your organization.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what we can do with design implementation. We will definitely let you know.