What Does A Web Developer Do?

Oh, the dreaded question from the mildly curious family member on the holidays…

In a given week I might say this:

  • Analytics Set up
  • Clean up online membership and other type of databases.
  • Conversion of documents into PDFs
  • Content Management Software training
  • Custom DNS Management
  • Explain what Internet service related offers received by email or postal mail are legitimate, and which are bad ideas or worse.
  • Graphics and logo design
  • Images research and acquisition
  • Internet Payment Gateway/shopping cart administration/changes
  • Member account administration/cleanup
  • Monitor client’s visibility on search engines and social media.
  • Renew domains, server subscriptions, software as a service subscriptions
  • Research and register new domains
  • Research online software options for various client applications
  • Server lease management
  • Set up and fix email boxes, forwards, autoresponders, etc.
  • Set up videos on appropriate servers
  • Social Media and Email Coaching
  • Social Media setup
  • Social Media maintenance
  • Subdomains, MX records, A Records, C Names…
  • Transfer domains from one registrar to another
  • Troubleshoot mailserver graylisting/blacklisting issues, both recipient and sender
  • Troubleshoot plug-in applications after application software “upgrades” change output or useability of application.
  • Web site analytics research and review

But the good general answer is “Update web content, layouts, scripts, software… and oh yeah, entire web site design/redesign.”  Keeps my explanation and the childhood boredom to a minimum.