Web Site Travel Directions

Just a little thing… Anymore these days it seems a bit archaic to provide text and website-hosted map images for providing directions to an organization’s place of business. There are sometimes good reasons to provide some hosted imagery on location – online mapping databases sometimes do not have correct or precise data, particularly when talking about extensive industrial parks, etc.

But for most sites, it’s a bit silly not to take advantage of the customized ability to generate both text directions and map images based on the starting point of the person planning to visit an organization’s location. I know I prefer the customization option when plotting the trip from Point A to Point B.  And that way webmasters don’t have to keep track of changes in signage, exit numbers, and other transportation-related items.  So Google Maps, Mapquest, or the other mapping engine of your choice probably makes better sense.

(Reposted from August 2012)