Copyright Dates on Websites

One of the things I really question these days are old copyright dates on websites.

You still see a lot of websites that include a copyright date, usually in the footer.  Nowadays you can set these up to keep current with the current year, but a lot of website developers haven’t taken advantage of that option and are left with the embarrassing results of…

Copyright 2010
Copyright 2011
Copyright 2012
and so on.
Don’t believe it?  Just do a search on Google.  I did, for “Copyright 2010“, and Google says 28 million results.  Some are legitimate, and there’s no way for me to know for sure about Google’s reported total.  But there are sites out there:
You get the idea, the list goes on and on.  Question is: why?  What is the value of placing the Copyright date on the web site at this point anyway? At least use a range, from the start to this year.  Otherwise,  I’d say it is only negative since the year listed makes you wonder if the organization is even in business at this point.   And even if they are, you know they are not paying attention to things like their web site.