Gutenberg Block Editor

So, Gutenberg arrived on the scene late in 2018 for WordPress. The block editor has evolved to the point now that we are now planning for the move of current Classic Editor websites designed prior to Gutenberg’s release to the Block Editor.

The main reason we’ve resisted to this point are two fold. One was the early limitations of the editor, and workload involved in the transition.

The second was to manage the training issues of clients that can happen with this. The block editor is different, some clients are more set in their ways, and some sites probably require some design rethinking to take best benefit from the change.

For some of our clients with more static sites, that will not be a big deal. Frankly, for text content we could just implement the Classic Editor block and nothing will be different on the public side, and training will be minor on the back end.

For some of our clients it will be a much more substantial deal, one that probably should be thought through in the consideration of a redesign.

But this is one of the bigger workload things we see for 2022, and probably 2023 as well. There is no rush necessarily, the Classic Editor is still here. But the clock is ticking.