Online Form Confirmations

I filled out an online form for a tree cutting service the other day.  After submitting it, the screen didn’t appear to change to show what I had submitted.  I did not receive an email confirmation of what I had submitted.  I was considering submitting again.

Then I saw it.  The only evidence that what I sent was actually processed was a tiny blurb below the Submit button at the bottom of the form:

Online Form Submit Button Example
I guess I should appreciate this, since seeing those three words kept me from writing my request again.  But I strongly recommend providing a stronger confirmation to the submitter of the form, and best is an on site confirmation and one that they actually can retain as confirmation – an email.
And if your form software provides for it, you should also include a stronger on site confirmation that the form has been submitted.  Otherwise, I think it’s pretty likely that the website owner is going to get multiple form emails from the same sender.