Wild Apricot Training and Support

“Recently we have been receiving new requests to provide service for Wild Apricot training.”

For our clients, what we do is provide training on using Wild Apricot over Zoom and record that training for reference by the client later. We provide customized support based on what the client wants to do on Wild Apricot. Sometimes Wild Apricot can’t support these desires, and we let our clients know what other options might be plugged in to resolve the issue.

We’ve been working with Wild Apricot for over 10 years, so we have a good sense of good practices and bad ideas for associations in how they implement Wild Apricot for membership management, event management, emails and other items. Support directly from Wild Apricot since the pandemic began has been slow and the training/user materials, although considerable, take quite a while to go through. So we understand when organizations are looking for someone to provide focused training.

We are happy to do that… but for annual contract clients only. That is how we operate. The annual contract can include training, but we are not available to only serve as a training provider for Wild Apricot. We are a web site development company first, and anyone that hires us will get that perspective from us. We are there to help our clients throughout their contract, on web and internet related issues that may or may not involve specifically Wild Apricot web site administration. We do not sell half-day training sessions or monthly one hour training sessions on Wild Apricot. There are no hourly fee arrangements, but only our custom to the client annual service agreements. This is the best way we know to provide quality service for our clients – by knowing who our clients are.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, you can read more here, or please feel free to drop us an email.

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