Do you really want that .pa domain?

Some organizations in Pennsylvania may think that a .pa domain would fit them.

It is pretty expensive, and I really don’t see the advantage for most organizations in terms of visibility or ease of branding.

How expensive?

Panama Domain Name Registration .pa

.pa domains are really Panamanian, and if you are not in Panama, you also have to purchase the additional domain. And you have to buy it for 2 years. So, if you look above, for one domain, it will cost you $376 for a domain for two years.

Compared to the current price of less than $20 for a .com or .org domain per year.

Now if you can’t get the absolute domain name you want, there’s a better chance it is available as a .pa domain, so there’s that.

And also, there is no guarantee that the domain types we have learned by heart will remain so inexpensive. They have been price capped by ICANN and there is very serious talk about removing those caps, and prices could escalate seriously at that point.

The same, however, can happen to those .pa domains. So unless you REALLY HAVE TO HAVE IT, it probably isn’t worth the price for out-of-Panama entities at this time.