Security and the State

The news of Internet security the last few years, and more particularly the last few months, has been troubling.

It is going to lead to much greater regulation of the industries of the Internet, and of standards and licensure requirements from the government, because that is how such things happen. Law came to the Wild West, and then so did process and procedure. It all came heartily invited by the majority of citizens, because the alternative of anarchy and lawlessness was unacceptable.

The Era of Regulation of All Things Internet is not far off, and we all have the malignant of our online environment to blame: the hackers, the scammers, the illegal data cultivators, the virus coders, the thieves. We will all be losing some of the freedom that allowed for the creativity of the development of all the greatness that is dependent on the platform of the Internet, but people will accept it as the cost of security.