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Are You Expecting A Surge in Website Upgrade Business This Year?

Actually, the marketplace activity has not been slow in Pennsylvania. It has seemed uneven – some organizations are doing a LOT during the stay-at-home order in Pennsylvania, and others are quiet.
But once stay-at-home orders are at least reduced, we suspect work will accelerate with changes to reflect a new reality in online and offline processes.
We think we are seeing it already. Organizations are holding their meetings online, and figuring out the specifics of how to make it work best for all involved. We don’t think this learning will be tossed by organizations after the fact, particularly if the public served by those organizations find online meetings as effective as in person, and less demanding of their travel time.
But online can’t replace every organizational effort that is offline. Walk-in stores will still exist, in-person activities will still exist, people will still go to the bank on occasion. But even in those cases, online services will be implemented, for reservations, for real-time attendance spotting, for customer service, etc.
The point is, work on the web is going to change to reflect the changes of work being done offline, and that is likely to cause a surge at some point as everyone wants changes. Just be apprised that demand is likely to be high.
Kessler Freedman, Inc.