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In our business, threads are woven together intricately...
Creating a strong product that can hold everything together.
We’re not talking about rope.
We’re talking about web sites.

The Latest


Public Computers Are No Place for Financial Institution Logins »

It makes NO sense for people to trust a public facing computer with their financial institution credentials.

You Should Realize, There Is Pressure On Web Server Companies »

Make sure you get your web site server company’s automated emails. You do not want to miss important news.

For Those That Use Wild Apricot To Send Out Association Email »

Last week’s email software change made a noticeable change to email creation workflow.

About KFI

We’re a full-service web development agency.  We’re based in Central Pennsylvania, and we’ve been in the web development business since the mid 1990s.

We approach web design and development to better develop an organization’s online community – enhancing strategies to help organizations grow. We work with associations, non-profit organizations, government units, association management companies, public interest groups and small businesses for just that purpose – to help those organizations better serve their communities online.

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