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Search Engine Marketing for Associations

The world of being visible on the web isn’t getting easier. It is getting harder.


  • Sheer volume of content, for one.
  • The evolution of patterns of usage by device, for another.
  • And the growing use and capability of voice search is another.

How do you get your association’s web site in front of people who may be interested but who are not looking for you on the Internet?

You can use SEO (search engine optimization) very effectively if you have a lot of content.

Like… current new content. Regularly.

You will eventually cover the waterfront of terms and phrases and combinations that are used in searches, and generate considerable traffic this way.

IF you have a lot of content.

The same holds true for continual content on social media. But if you are pushing visitors to your web site, you better have the content to back it up on the site.

Many state associations do not have a lot of newly created content on their web site. Not all associations are built to be heavily web-oriented. And the new content they have might not be particularly valuable for search, such as event calendars.

That is when associations need SEM (search engine marketing).

We now offer service to help with marketing for associations, with online ad buys. Our objective is to help associations with the kind of visibility that makes a value difference to their organization, whether that means increasing dues revenue, conference registrations, or online course subscriptions, or outreach. If you are interested in knowing more about this service, please fill out the form below and we’ll respond to your contact.


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