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We’ll help you figure out what your web site traffic is doing, using Google Analytics.  Below are examples of how.

On Visitors

  • Some location information
  • Network information
  • Domain Information
  • Search Engine Used
  • Keyword Used in Search
  • Referring Site
  • Device Used to Access Site
  • Browser Used to Access Site
  • Entry Point

On Pages

  • Pages viewed
  • Mobile versus Computer visits
  • Repeat visitors
  • “One Page and Gone” Visits
  • “One Page and Gone” Pages
  • Site Travel Paths

And that’s just for starters.  But only for our web service clients.

We can most likely help you set up your Analytics Reports to measure your site.  We can help you better understand what your reports are telling you.  We can customize your reports.  We can point out opportunities and flaws as indicated by your reports.  (BTW, we also post about our experiences with Analytics from time to time.)


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