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2019 Was A Good Year For Us

Like every year, we at Kessler Freedman, Inc., have been involved in some new web project type experiences from past years. I thought I’d just take a few minutes to describe two such experiences.

This year we’ve been involved in the management and maintenance of a large multisite website installation. This allows for the creation of a network of sites on a single WordPress installation. Each has it’s own unique domain or subdomain address, and they can have different looks and use different plugins.

This comes in handy for organizations that have a top presence and multiple domained sites that relate. This could be an association with various chapters, or a retailer with various outlet stores, etc. Sports leagues set them up sometimes for teams.  Churches do as well.

The second was our release of online training modules (2) for a client. It is a complete experience – the trainee signs up for and pays for the course, takes the course and whatever quizzes are deemed necessary to pass for continuation in the course, and at the end takes a test to determine if they’ve learned enough to earn a certificate. And if so, they are then delivered the certificate online as well. It greatly reduced the work required for the previous version of those training modules for each course taker.

Both of these client projects lead to a LOT of learning by us this year, and will demand the continuation of it for 2020. Next year we’ll write a bit more about each of these projects in general, as both are growing areas of the WordPress environment and require more diligence and future planning than the standard WordPress installation (whatever that might be).

In addition for 2020, we see ourselves working to make sure our clients’ sites provide greater accessibility for sight and hearing assisting devices. We also foresee that we will not be adding any new Drupal sites to our client base, but will focus on new sites using WordPress and Wild Apricot. 

Kessler Freedman, Inc.