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Our SEO Service for Our Web Site Clients

So if you have a brand new web site domain, you are starting from the beginning with your search engine optimization.

The first thing to realize is that search engine optimization is a continuing proposition. The goal is to make the site more visible, and more clickable, for the appropriate marketplace that is using a search engine for your kind of content. Search engines evolve, content evolves, search patterns evolve – so SEO must evolve as well.

The second thing to realize is that you can spend as much as time as you can spend on your site and still there can be more things that could be done.  SEO can really be an endless pursuit if you let it be.  Unless you have an endless supply of resources, you shouldn’t let that happen.

We provide a basic level of search engine optimization for all of our clients, including:

  • Making sure appropriate new content is seeded within search engines such as Google and Bing, whether it being on an existing or new page. We do this by creating sitemaps for sites, and provide content update references to the search engines through sitemaps.
  • We set up Google Analytics for every web site, and we share access with that information with our clients and we monitor it. We want to know what it happening on the site.
  • Over time we use that information to hone search engine page descriptions, keywords, and page structure to improve the web site page’s appropriate audience visibility through search engines. This is a learning proposition – the data we get from the site will help us improve the information structure on the site.

For almost ALL of our clients, we provide some SEO service each month.

This is very basic search engine optimization, and it is what we provide as part of our overall web services for our clients. More can be done, and in many cases, more should be done, and we do expanded, customized SEO services for clients as an additional service component – yes, that means additional time by us and additional cost for our client.

We do NOT create content for our clients, but we can and do make recommendations to our clients for content management and areas of development they may want to consider.

For those that use WordPress, there are many plugins available specifically for search engine optimization, and we set those up and can provide training on how to use them effectively.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.