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Some News About Gutenberg

It now looks like we will all have more time than was originally anticipated to convert WordPress sites to Gutenberg after WordPress releases their new editor.

Recently it was announced that WordPress intends to allow the Classic Editor to remain functional in WordPress as long as the marketplace (mostly theme and plugin software developers) support it. They suspect this will be at least a year after release of Gutenberg and possibly much more.

What this means for our WordPress clients:

When Gutenberg is released, you will not have to change the editing interface any time soon. There may be software reasons to do so at some point in near future, which we will advise you of as far in advance as we can. When the time comes to move to Gutenberg, we will probably need to tweak the design theme your site uses, we will need to make sure all the plugins still work properly together, and you will need some training on editing your site using the new Gutenberg editor

None of this will happen without client advance notice and a plan put in place with clients  for “conversion” of the site to Gutenberg. The main takeaway here is that we’ll get more time to determine best path of transition to Gutenberg for client sites.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.