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WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg) is coming, maybe in August

It is pretty amazing to look back at when we first started using WordPress in 2009 and compare it to today, in terms of what WordPress can do.

WordPress has become the engine that powers over 35% of all websites. It is incredibly nimble and yet also very powerful, being able to serve the hobby blogger and the corporate enterprise.

It has been an agent for change on the web. More people maintain their own website’s content than ever before. Custom applications for websites are growing faster than they ever have before.

Do you have somebody in your organization paying attention to this growth and the opportunities they offer to your organization?

Big change is coming this year with WordPress with the release of the Gutenberg editor for core, possibly as soon as August. Your WordPress site won’t HAVE to use it immediately but you will want to make sure your site works upon release of WordPress 5.0, and consider integrating the new editor and all the advantages it is expected to bring in the future.

Do you have somebody ready to help you with that?

If not, you might want to line somebody up. Be prepared, just in case.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.