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Internet Live Video Streaming Services in the Harrisburg Area

We were recently asked by a client if we could provide live video streaming for an event at the Farm Show building in Harrisburg in the next few weeks.

We appreciate that our client believes we can do almost anything.  But we can’t turn this kind of thing around.  We’re not a video streaming company, and to be honest, we’ve only worked with a few in the Central Pennsylvania area.

One we have worked with before, and works great if you are a Pennsylvania state agency or affiliated as such, is Commonwealth Media Services.  We only worked with them at the point of providing web site access to the live feed – essentially an enhanced link – but from our standpoint it was fairly easy.  But most of the work is done between CMS and their customer.

One other we have heard of, but have not worked with, in the Central Pennsylvania area is:

Media Solutions

Neither of these are a recommendation from us, but a starting point if you are looking to price a live video stream event.  One recommendation, though: If possible, give yourself more than 10 days lead.


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