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What Is A Bad Tweet?

THIS is a terrible tweet.
Anybody have any idea what it means?  Of course not, it is a LOW INFORMATION tweet.
There are some clues as to what happened here.  The beginning of the URL,  “”, indicates that this is a Facebook post that is automatically also submitted to the author’s Twitter account as a tweet.    This is a reasonable practice, we do it ourselves, but the cause of this tweetdust is a Share on the Facebook page/account:
I suspect that the author never really looks at their Tweets, otherwise they would not share the Facebook post like this and leave their Twitter feed with so little information.  Sharing a Facebook post on Facebook does this.  Sharing a link from somewhere else on Facebook allows the author to provide context to the link.
So, if you do attach your Facebook account to Twitter or any other social media accounts with the intent of streamlining the sharing of posts, make sure you look at the results on all of your social media.  Otherwise, you can end up with this.
Kessler Freedman, Inc.