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Associations Can Target For New Members Using Facebook Boost Advertising

Associations ought to consider using Facebook paid advertising to target for new membership online.

First of all, the association should have a Facebook Page.  The association should ALSO have a website with a specific page on membership information – benefits, dues costs, membership levels, etc.  Even better if prospective members can apply for membership or register for membership at the site. Offering the ability to pay for membership online is clearly helpful since it removes a delaying step in that process (the writing and mailing of the check).

Now, back to Facebook.  Simply post a simple post on your Facebook Page about joining your association with a link to your membership information page.

Once it is live, click on Boost Post.  As you can see below you have options for your targeting:

Interest area  (think Likes)

medicaldevice facebook

The above is just an example of what an association in Pennsylvania that deals with medical devices or surgical devices might use to target potential members.

You can set your budget as low as $5 per day, and Facebook will give you an estimate of how many views you will get.  You will be paying by actions – opens, clicks, and Likes of your post.

The key is the targeting and the messaging.  You know the terms that your association’s prospective members think in – so look to see if Facebook has them as possible likes.  As you can see above, Facebook will also recommend other terms for your consideration.

I’ve done this for a few leagues (which are like associations in many ways) and it has worked VERY well.  It’s worth the small investment of effort and money to try it out for many associations.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.