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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Online Training With Your CMS

For almost all of our clients there comes a time when they need some training on how to update their site content, whether it be in WordPress or in Wild Apricot or another content management system. With Wild Apricot they may also need some training in how to manage their member data, events, emails, etc. […]


Comparing Analytics Reports, Year to Year by Time Period (such as month)

You can compare data from one time period (let’s just say January 2014) with another time period using Google Analytics – most easily, by either the very previous similar time period, or the same time period a year before (say, January 2013).


The Dated News Item On the Front Page

So, here is one of our pet peeves which is both a design management and content management issue for associations and other organizations: The dated (as in old) news post on the front page.

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