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Checks and Deposits

Recently I contacted a client who has a monthly invoice for service and they had missed last month’s payment. This was unusual for them, so I felt I should just check in and make sure they received our invoice at the end of August. Some clients are a little slower in payment and we’ve learned their timelines. This client wasn’t one of them – so I checked with them.

They had, and they had sent payment in form of a check, and that check had been deposited, back in early October.

This was news to us, as we had not received it nor deposited it, and our client was kind enough to send us a copy of the cancelled check which they had obtained from their financial institution’s web site.

It had been deposited… unfortunately, not by us. It wasn’t our bank and it wasn’t endorsed by any signature or stamp. It looks like it might be one of those “phone photo or scanner photo” deposits, but hard for us to say. But the check was improperly deposited into someone else’s account. It is being investigated.

We’ve been in business since the mid 1990s and this is the first time we’ve run into what we’re considering a “theft” issue. We have no idea where the theft occurred, only that it occurred because the check had been mailed to us. So to be safe, we’ve decided to check on all invoices after 30 days regardless of client payment history… just in case.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.