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Some Potential Vendor Changes for 2013

In business you’re constantly coming across options that deserve investigating as a more effective or efficient way of providing service or managing business. At this point it looks to me like we’ll be replacing two of our longtime vendors for better alternatives in 2013.

One is Dotster, the domain registrar. As I wrote a few weeks ago, they’ve been changing, and not in a way that we’re particularly appreciative of, and it lead us to seriously look at domain registrars for the first time in years. Now we’re in the process of transferring our (and client) domains to NameCheap during the annual renewal process. NameCheap is a little less expensive but more importantly seems much less obsessed with trying to upsell us various services during the renewal/payment process.

Another is HostMySite/, which we have been using for Cold Fusion sites for years. We’re a little less set on who we will be using for Cold Fusion in the future, although we have been using GearHost with good results for a few years as well.

One vendor we will be sticking with is for hosting WordPress and other sites. We’ve been using Pair since 1996 and we still feel they are as good of server provider as there is in the business. They continually improve and expand the services available, and we’re still very comfortable with Pair.

Can’t say the same about LSoft, the Listserv hosting/software company. We’ve been using their services for years and they are really pricing themselves out of the market in the hosted list arena at this point. It is very unlikely they will be a vendor of ours at this time next year.

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