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Yeah, I know.  Weird.  It showed up as a referrer in May for practically all of our clients’ Analytics reports.  Who was really behind that?

June 7th update: Almost as curious as the original referral linking traffic has been the Google Search interest in this post in the past almost-seven days since it has gone online.  There have been 453 page views of this post as of this moment.  431 of those page views have come from a Google search.  This alone is not that interesting.

What is interesting is that this is the first post that has been so European-centric in interest.  Of the 431 Google visits, 230 have come from Europe.   Another 72 have come from Asia and 15 from Australia.  Less than 100 have come from the United States.  The interesting point to me is this – why isn’t there more curiosity in this mystery in the United States? 


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