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Comcast Email

The receipt of email issue for Comcast seems ridiculous at this point.

For years we used Comcast as a point of high speed connection to the web, but it didn’t take long to realize that we didn’t want to use their email. It wasn’t too much spam, it was the issue of legitimate email not being delivered that was a problem. Forwards, form emails, receipts – all sorts of stuff would not show up in the inbox. So we eventually ignored the “free email” service offered by Comcast and used Gmail as email’s landing spot – which we still do today.

We had a client the other day suddenly start having problems with receipt of online transaction forms through email. They.. you guessed it… use Comcast. We’re working on trying to resolve the issue, we have a workaround for now, but seriously, after a decade, this kind of stuff gets old.

You don’t have to look around much to see the continuity in Comcast email issues. There’s here and here and here and here and who knows, thousands of other posts. Some are informed. Some are just venting. But it’s a pattern – a pattern we’ve experienced.

Why doesn’t Comcast just give up the ghost on email and subcontract the work out to Google and Gmail? What is their profit margin on email? When we left Comcast for Verizon, one of the main reasons is because we felt Comcast ran their Internet service (particularly email) in a very strict, non-customer-friendly fashion and there was incentive to find something better.  It was the weak link in their efforts to market internet/phone/television.  Three years later, Comcast has been by my office a couple of times looking for business but I always explain that they LOST the business for reason, and unless Verizon does the same, Comcast isn’t going to get it back.  And frankly, since we use Gmail for email, it’s unlikely that Verizon will even get the chance to blow it on email with us.

I don’t have a problem recommending to clients that they NOT USE COMCAST FOR EMAIL SERVICES.  Period.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.