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Using Google Analytics To Monitor Mobile Usage of Web Site

At the beginning of each month, we have set up Google Analytics to email each of our clients a copy of their dashboard report for their web site for the past month. It serves as a good reminder to check Analytics, provides a snapshot of what happened in the past month in comparison with the month before, and it also sends a copy to us so WE can look at the site usage information as well.

Mobile access of Kessler FreedmanOne of the things I’ve been watching for with interest are the stats in mobile usage for our clients.  Google Analytics provides some nice information on that for a site, even getting down to the level of devices accessing the site.  Well worth reviewing.

Just in general, there are some things that are different about mobile users versus computer users of one’s web site. One is that the average number of pages viewed per visit on mobile are generally lower. Another is that the percentage of users that find a site by search engine tends to be lower – much more direct or referral linking (often from social media sites).

Some of the sites we manage are starting to show some interesting spikes in mobile usage. I just did a review of 20 clients’ websites for mobile usage in the past six months. The average increase in mobile visits per client web site for the six months ending 4/30/12, over the previous six month period, was over 47.5%. Now, most of these are relatively small numbers compared the number of visits that come from traditional computers, but that’s a pretty consistent trend of increase. And not all of them are small numbers. I’ll be curious to see what this looks like across the board again in three months or so.

I don’t want to diminish the impact of these numbers for some of our clients. For some of our clients, it means looking at content and applications and the mobile users and seeing what may need to be done to improve the site’s value for our client.

But it’s clear that for now, mobile usage of almost ALL our clients’ web sites is on the increase. We know because we monitor usage, and we’ll know when it’s time to make some changes to specific web sites as we continue to monitor with Google Analytics.

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