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As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we send out marketing postcards from time to time. Recently we needed a run of 250 more from a previous postcard mailing, so I decided to use an online printing service, rather than the local company we generally use, just to see how it worked.

Color me impressed.

We used Inkchaser, although there are other options, such as Vistaprint as well. The first thing that caught attention was the price – less than one third of the price of what we paid for our last comparable print run. Of course, this made me wonder about the quality of the paper or the printing.

Not to worry. We received the print job yesterday and it looks fine, printed on sturdy stock.

The uploading process was easy to do and easy to proof. The one downside to the process was a skimpy progress report on the job – it took about 12 days from order to delivery, and there were only two emails received on progress- one to confirm the order was in, and one to let us know it had been shipped and to provide the package tracking number. In between I was beginning to wonder if there was some sort of problem. I’d recommend that Inkchaser automatically send an email out after 7 days to let the orderer know that the order was still in process (and provide a time frame if possible) but now that I’ve gone through the process once, it’s less important to us.

We’ll probably still use our local printer for the more complicated or customer-hand-holding print jobs we have, but for the simple stuff, such as postcards and business cards, Inkchaser has our business for now. 

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