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My Analytics Discussion With A Client

I had lunch with a client last week, and my number one goal was to get him more interested in the Google Analytics information on his site.

For one thing, he has a blog on his site. He owns a service industry business with a heavy first quarter seasonal push. I pointed out a traffic spike to his site in early February – one day easily 5 times the traffic of any other day for over 16 months. Traffic continued to be higher after that point up to today. The source of the uptick – a very timely blog post, generating traffic from the search engines.

But he had only had one blog post since then. He had been busy with business.  I explained that he had to maintain some kind of momentum.  Build a routine, keep a routine.  This is business.  There’s traffic benefit.  See how it applies to the increased average page views per visit? Why allow momentum to stop?

With blogs: Build a routine, keep a routine.

We have Webmaster Tools data linked into the Analytics account. I showed him how his business shows up for various keywords on Google Searches.  It shows clickthru rate, average position in search… so I suggested he look at the terms. There are several possible topics for blog posts. Also, look at the amount of searches – find something in your business sweet spot within that topic without giving away the ranch, and blog about it. There’s interest out there. Meet it.

Then we took a look at the mobile usage… not much. So what if everyone’s talking mobile web sites right now? Your site is fine to look at through mobile devices, take a look for yourself – but your market isn’t visiting that way. So why be concerned about it for now? Until you do business in a way that someone mobile will want to visit the site, it’s less of a priority right now.

He was actually excited about the Analytics information by the end of lunch.  He’s had more clients attributable to the web site in the past year than he’s had in the past.  Now he has numbers to compare on where marketplace is finding out about his firm, what they want to know from his web site, and how visible the company is online.  How market comes to his site, and sometimes, what organization those visitors are from.  Good information to know.

I expect to see an interesting post by his firm this week.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.