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Hi Res and Low Res Images

From time to time there is some confusion about artwork we have purchased for a client’s web site.

Pricing for artwork depends on a lot of factors, and one of them is resolution quality. High resolution – for printing – is, in general, more expensive than lower resolution quality – for example, the DPI used for the web.

If we are asked to find graphics for a web site, and there is no specification that the images are to be used for anything OTHER than the web site, then we will purchase a lower resolution image of the size appropriate for the website’s needs. We don’t plan to charge a client for a file format that they don’t need, based on their request – we simply buy what is needed.

That image will look fine on the web. It generally will NOT look fine in print.

However, if a client does need the image for print purposes as well as for web, and specifies as such when the purchase is made, we’ll buy it at the format and size appropriate for both purposes.

If a client needs a print resolution quality version of an image that we have already purchased, and we’ve only purchased the web quality version of the image based on the request of the client, it’s probably best for the client to acquire the image themselves. We can point you in the right place, and the right image. But there’s no real reason for a client to pay us for the labor of buying a digital image that we do no work on, and that we’re simply going to send the client immediately afterwards.  It’s best for the client, or their person putting together the print piece, acquire the print version of the image.  We’ll point you in the right place if we bought it for the web.   But at that point we’ll let you make your arrangements.


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