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American Association Management Company Facebook and LinkedIn Pages

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of activity going on specifically for association management companies on Facebook. (Not including Homeowners Association Management Companies…)  The most I could find was this…

150 Likes for Association Management Center.

AMR Management Services only has 81 Likes.

Professional Management Associates has 30.

SmithBucklin doesn’t even seem to have a Facebook page.  Didn’t see one for Fernley and Fernley, either.

It just doesn’t seem to be an industry that has lent itself to Facebook pages.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, seems to be working better, at least for some of the association management companies.

  • SmithBucklin has 1421 followers on LinkedIn.
  • Association Management Center has 386 followers on LinkedIn.
  • AMR Management Services has 36 on LinkedIn.
  • Professional Management Associates, LLC only has 2. Not sure what is (or isn’t) going on there.

So, if I were an association management company, I think I’d focus on LinkedIn for now, and see if I could figure out SmithBucklin’s secret, beyond their sheer size of employees on LinkedIn.  That’s not to say that Facebook should be completely ignored – there’s no problem with building a page with company information – but the bulk of effort looks to be better rewarded on LinkedIn.

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