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Using Pinterest

Does your organization have a blog or other page with regularly changing content that include your own created images?

Do you have a Pinterest account?  It’s one of the fastest growing social networks right now.

If you have a Pinterest account, why not use it to share your image and website content with the world, and allow others to share it as well?

We do. It may add only a smattering of interested traffic to our site, but it’s almost no additional work if you have the Pinterest account to achieve that traffic. So why not?

And if you really have an image/post that is worthy of pinning, you can add a Pinterest Goodie, such as

Pinterest tells you how to do just that here.

As a sidenote, if you have a business web site with product photos, you should realize that Pinterest might work well with that as well.  And your competition may have already realized that.

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