How Do You Actually Use Twitter?

We had a client a few weeks ago ask we how we use Twitter.  She meant for business purposes.

I explained to her that we use it two ways. One thing I do daily is read tweets from people involved in web development and association management that I have determined post interesting items AND don’t post a lot of fluff. Fluff clogs the Twitter feed. I have two Twitter accounts – one is personal, for friends and family and there fluff is fine, because I care. But for business, I want information that can help. A web developer who tweets two posts about their cat will be cut from my list pretty quickly, that’s twice as much fluff as I can stand from one source.

The other way we use it is for vendortrolling. I discovered this quite by accident a few years ago when I posted a question about video hosting servers, and representatives from several server companies messaged me afterwards about their service. So when we have a technology service inquiry to make, I see how succinct I can make it, and it goes on Twitter. Sales reps and technology service providers are scouring Twitter for just that. And if you have a savvy community of Twitter users following use, they can provide a good point as well.

We also post content as well, but we have that automated from our Facebook Page posts, just as another distribution channel for that content.  We aren’t heavy posters, as you can tell from our Twitter feed.

And that’s about it.  I don’t expect we’ll be changing our usage all that much in the near future, but if we find other useful purposes for Twitter, we’ll let you know.