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Our First Webinar Under Our Belt

We recently held our first webinar for our clients. We made a decision last year that we wanted to provide greater distribution of our experience and knowledge as it relates to our clients’ web and internet efforts, so we polled them to determine the areas of greatest interest. We’re going to hold at least 4 of these in 2012 for our clients. Webinars should be another practical and efficient way to share information of common interest amongst our clients, just like our Facebook page posts, Twitter feed and blog posts can be.

Last week didn’t go without some hitches. It seems to me that webinar presentation has to evolve to best fit the personality providing it and the content to be provided, and I’m still working on the best way for me, personally, to conduct the webinar.  Powerpoint presentations do not yet fit my style. I also ran into a technical glitch that I created at the last minute which allowed for some echo during times in the presentation. I had practiced the webinar a couple of times without a problem, but a lesson learned – don’t change from what worked while practicing without testing it first, or you can end up with an unexpected and unwanted result.

We did get some good feedback on the webinar, though, and some nice appreciation. We’re on the right track – flowing the information of what we learn as we build and maintain our clients’ web presence to the clients directly. Last week’s session was on email distribution software and services, and some of the practices our clients should consider in using them. Next month we’ll be holding our session on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and the importance and value of some of the statistical measurements.

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