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For the past two and a half years we’ve used as our “fax number/service”. We used to have a fax machine, but spam faxes eventually made it so annoying to use (and ate up our toner and paper) that we ended up getting rid of it. And we haven’t missed it.

In the time we’ve used, it has worked fine for us – except that we almost NEVER need it. The first year and a half we had it, we received 10 faxes. In the past year? One.

Sending?  5 times over the whole time – and it wasn’t client contact, it was vendor contact… a vendor we no longer use.

There have been many posts relative to the death of the fax machine.

Include us in.  We just don’t need a fax service. Everything is email or FTP, and if it isn’t, it’s because it’s not “file efficient” and will be mailed/shipped to us.  There was a time when businesses had fax numbers, if for no other reason, because ALL businesses had fax numbers – it was almost a sign of brick-and-mortar legitimacy.  That time is long passed.  So…

Goodbye You worked well, but are no longer necessary to us.

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