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Corporate Email Template Bogged Down With Links

I just received an email from my insurance agent – a nationally corporate email template that was wisely short, and unwisely loaded with links.

It was one page long.  How many links? 20.

It was designed as a web page, with tables and sidebars and a header and footer. And if it was a web page – one that I had willingly went to – then 20 links would have been just fine. But it’s email, with icon links and text links and just too busy for a four paragraph, one page email.

A one page THANK YOU email, to boot.

Corporate World, when you’re thanking me, I want to feel like you mean it, not like you feel it is another opportunity to hit me with marketing messages.  I’m not saying you can’t feel like it’s another marketing opportunity, I’m saying you shouldn’t immediately declare that as your primary intention.  All those links, all those icons, absolutely buried any sentiment that was within those four paragraphs. There’s no incentive for me to sign up for your Facebook Page or your Twitter feed when your “personalized thank you” message is all about sending me to other promotional pieces on your site. I’m not signing up for MORE of that.

Word of advice: In general, limit your links in email. Everybody’s busy. Many of us get a LOT of email. Keep your emails short, keep the links to the most important only. I check email several times an hour, and when I get a corporate email with this kind of design and link density, it’s an easy delete without reading, because it looks like marketing. If that’s not your goal, rethink your message design.


Kessler Freedman, Inc.