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Banner Advertising: ClixTrac

We began using ClixTrac to serve banner ads for a client site earlier this year.  You can find the service here.

ClixTrac is pretty easy to use and to set up. There’s a free version and paid subscription versions, I can’t speak to the free version but the paid version is fine for organizations starting to sell banner advertising. It’s a low-cost buy in ($5 per month for the premium service) and provides web-based control panels for creating a campaign, getting statistics, setting up a rotation of ads, etc. There’s also a professional account that allows for Sub IDs (useful for tracking different traffic sources), conversion tracking (which means the tracking of sales, leads or other acquisitions) , and custom domains for the ad hosting.

All advertisements, including the images, are actually hosted on Clixtrac servers. The service creates a code that is inserted into the web site at the appropriate place for the viewing of the banner ad. That code also allows for the measure of views, unique clickthrus, IP address access, page referring to visitor to the advertisement, date and time and clickthru. Ads can either be graphic, or text. Flash banners can be used if they are edited to use the ClixTrac URL for tracking. Supported image types are GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF and maximum file size is 200Kb.

Publishers and advertisers can use ClixTrac for their online advertising purposes. If you want to advertise at a location which does not offer clickthru statistics or impressions per page, I’d suggest using ClixTrac and providing the web site publisher with the ClixTrac code for your advertisement. And publishers such as associations can use ClixTrac to start gauging how clickthru rates may work on their site in the case that they may, at some point, want to charge that way.

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