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Update on LinkedIn Advertising

A few weeks ago I wrote that we were starting to experiment with LinkedIn advertising for our own learning curve.

The first week was a bust.  We advertised on LinkedIn for a week and received 10 impressions. TEN. One obvious flaw of LinkedIn’s market estimating is that it does not provide numbers under 1000. Our campaign had less than 1000 prospects to start with based on the geographic and industry limitations we had set, but I don’t know if that was 10 or 999. There were no clickthrus, but 10 impressions is not nearly enough to know anything about the value of the advertisement.

In the second week we opened it up to the entire United States and expanded the number of employer areas to be considered, with the same industry limitations. We had a target audience of slightly less than 10,000, and we received slightly over 3200 impressions.  Still no clickthrus, so obviously our tiny text message wasn’t generating much interest.

This week we’ve opened it up further – anyone over 35, in six job function areas, anywhere in the United States can see it.  No limitation on company size, no industry type limitation.  This seems to be a big improvement, we had 26,580 impressions in the first 24 hours.  We changed our message as well, and achieved… one clickthru.    It’s tough to strike home with 75 characters, which is the advertisement size limit for this type of advertisement.

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