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Google Trends

Google Trends can tell you a lot about the keywords and searches that relate to your area of the economy.

Let’s take the simple example of “sump pumps”.

First of all, 2011 has been a record year for Google searches of the term “Sump Pump”. I would venture to say that this is going to be a GREAT year for sump pump manufacturers in sales.  Take a look at the Google Trends for this term:

The United States and Canada have been driving these searches, so manufacturers that have distribution in the U.S. would be the primary beneficiary of these sales.

If you had a store selling sump pumps in these top ranked metropolitan areas for searches for “sump pump”, you probably noticed the business:

1. Winnipeg, Canada
2. Indianapolis, IN, USA
3. Baltimore, MD, USA
4. Columbus, OH, USA
5. Philadelphia, PA, USA
6. Washington, DC, USA
7. Edmonton, Canada
8. Chicago, IL, USA
9. Minneapolis, MN, USA
10. Ottawa, Canada

In the United States, Pennsylvania ranks 6th currently in sump pump searches this year. (Based on my experience with rain this year I pity the 5 states ahead of us). In Pennsylvania, the top metropolitan areas for searches for 2011 are:

1. Doylestown, PA, USA
2. Harrisburg, PA, USA
3. York, PA, USA
4. Allentown, PA, USA
5. Lancaster, PA, USA
6. Philadelphia, PA, USA
7. Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Which makes sense if you know the rainfall totals in Pennsylvania this year. Makes me curious as to what sales for a company like Wayne Pumps, manufacturer of sump pumps that are sold at Sears, Ace, Amazon, Northern Tool & Equipment, etc., has been like this year.

(We have NO relationship to Wayne Pumps or any other sump pump manufacturer, distributor, or seller.  This is just an example)

If you think this kind of keyword search knowledge would be valuable for your business, I’d recommend checking out Google Trends, at

and start watching what is going on with the buzz phrases and terminology in your business.  At the very least you may learn some terms of value for the search engine optimization of your web site.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.