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Now Tinkering with LinkedIn Advertising

First of all, the advertising campaign pricing on LinkedIn is theoretically a smidge higher at the starting point than Facebook, although not really a factor. You have to set a campaign limit no smaller than $10 per day.  There’s not a campaign total.  It costs $5 to activate your account.  You set a bid – LinkedIn will recommend a range, just as Facebook does – for your clickthrus or impressions.

(If you want to see the Facebook advertising piece earlier in the year, click here.)

You have an option of sending the link of your ad to either your LinkedIn account or to your web site.  That’s preferable to the Facebook model of linking only to your Facebook business page.

On the other hand, the advertising text limitations – 75 characters – are either for the succinctly creative or are way too limited. I suspect we’ll find out it’s the second case.

As in Facebook, the real power to the advertising is the ability in focusing the ads to specific audiences. For our first ad, for our web development services for associations, we chose four locations:

Madison, Wisconsin
Nashville, Tennessee

And we have focused on association executives for smaller organizations (no more than 10 employees) in those locations. There’s age, gender, position and other ways to cut the audience up as well. We’re running the advertisement this way for a week, and there’s less than 1000 potential viewers of our advertisement. We’ll expand it out after a week unless our results run either wildly successful or obviously unsuccessful.  We’ll monitor LinkedIn’s statistics as well as Google Analytics for results.

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