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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Association Management Companies on the Web

Association management companies (AMC) provide management and specialized administrative services to associations and societies using a for-profit approach that runs not-for-profit associations like businesses, as defined in Wikipedia. It’s hard to say how many association management companies are on the Web, but certainly there are hundreds, and thousands if you include the association management companies […]


Statewide Associations and Their Facebook Pages (and Likes)

I take a look at a lot of Statewide Associations on Facebook, as you can tell from the previous posts. I decided to do a Like tally of statewide associations on Facebook for two different kinds of associations, and the two I decided to use were these: Engineer Societies/Associations Newspaper Publisher/Press Associations My real curiousity […]


We took a look at Illinois Associations Facebook Likes…

The intention was to compare them to Pennsylvania Association Likes. I thought there was a chance that Pennsylvania Associations were either ahead or behind their Illinois counterparts (to be honest, I thought they might be behind) in their development of Facebook Pages as social networking opportunities. It seemed like a good comparison as the two […]


Top Pennsylvania Association Facebook Pages based on Likes

Criteria: The Facebook Pages had to have: at least 150 Likes an image icon had to be an association for the entire state and only the state of Pennsylvania This time around we did NOT include organizations that did not have the word or abbreviation for association in their name, so if they are a […]


If you haven’t done a search for your organization’s name on Facebook…

You should. There’s an automated process creating records for organizations. We see new results pop up in Google Alerts all the time. And if the information provided for your organization by Bing and published by Facebook isn’t correct – or enough – for your organization, then see if you can edit that content and take […]

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