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One Month of Facebook Advertising Results

So far I can say this about our Facebook advertising efforts – it hasn’t cost much.

We budget $50 “campaigns” that last a month, and we pay by the clickthru. We get thousands of impression “views”. In the past 28 days, 2022 individuals saw our ad an average 2.9 times.

Result? Three clickthrus, two folks signed up for our Facebook page to check out our daily recommendations.

Now, I’m going to take most of the responsibility on this. We are marketing to association executives about our web development services for associations, and the limited amount of space and text makes for a rather uncreative ad on our part. Our “pitch” is that we are providing information on web development on our Facebook Business Page of interest to associations and other types of organizations, so why not check us out? After all, we post a tidbit or two each day about web development, tools, trends, etc., that are primarily based on our experiences in helping our existing clients, so it seems like it should have a shared value.

But we’re not having much success.  Yet.

But it’s not much cost, either. We’ve paid for three clickthrus, about $4.50 or so, total. Most of the cost is learning curve and ego propping, as we determine what isn’t working regardless of how we thought it would. We’ll keeping working at it, but we’re not likely to try a prize giveaway or such in order to generate clickthrus. We change our populations that we’re targetting every few weeks. We’ll figure this out, if there is something to figure out here for us.

But one thing does gnaw at me a bit, and it’s the placement of the ads in the first place. I suspect that regular Facebook users don’t look there. It is clearly segregated and away from most of the  regular content a Facebook user would be looking for. Depending on what you are following on the right as far as events and birthdays and other items, it can also fall below the “fold”, the lowest point in the first browser window. So you really start to wonder what the “impressions” really add up as far as actual human views.

In a few months we’ll do a follow up on our experience with Facebook advertising, hopefully with some more successful news.  Regardless, it looks to me like something we’ll be continuing for sometime to come.

Update: After I initially wrote this, we increased our bid price for ads and both our impressions and our clickthrus have picked up a bit.  We will continue to monitor the results of our tweakings.

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