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A Followup to “Texting or Twitter for Homeowner Associations?”

Two weeks ago I posted that our Homeowner Association was going to investigate a texting option in the case of local emergencies where the power was out, based on our experience during a recent tornado strike.

At this point the most attractive option seems to be GraphicMail’s Texting service, at least in terms of price. Regular text messages (with no embedded link) seem to be priced at 3 cents per message within US, assuming in the case of emergency you may end up posting up to 10 messages to 300 phones (best case estimate), that’s less than $100.

GraphicMail’s pricing is offered in both monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go models, a pricing based on credits which are based on how many and what kind of text messages you send. For $49.95 you can buy 2000 credits. There does not seem to be an expiration on those credits, so these should serve us.

The texting message needs to be created on the web, but we can use a smart phone browser to get there.

The phone list needs to be created, and maintained, which will be the biggest cost (labor) for this project. However, we can use our WildApricot-based member management tool on the web, and get those who wish to participate to offer their mobile number for this purpose, export that data, and update the list.

So – if it is true that the credits don’t expire – I think we have our proposed solution.

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