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Monthly Archives: June 2011

After One Month Plus of Trying Facebook Advertising

We’ve been trying a limited campaign -$50 worth of clickthrus – for our business advertising on Facebook since mid-May. We’re still early in the learning curve, I believe – or maybe it’s just hope, based on our results. But I thought I’d share some of what I *think* I’ve learned. Today I’ll share what I’ve […]


Should You Be Using Google Alerts?

As a web developer, I really appreciate Google Alerts. They make it simple for us to keep some tabs on what our clients are doing, and being impacted by, that is visible on the web. We have a Google Alert set up for every one of our client organizations’ names and many of their acronyms. […]


A Followup to “Texting or Twitter for Homeowner Associations?”

Homeowner Associations should investigate a texting option in the case of local emergencies.


Most HOAs Need A Web Site

Most Home Owner Associations (HOAs to the uninitiated) of any size need web sites.  Clearly most associations need a web site, they are currently stressed by today’s economy to reduce costs and by today’s technology to decrease the delivery time of information. There’s a dead zone there in between those two pressures, and it’s called […]


Texting or Twitter for Homeowner Associations?

Last week a tornado touched down in our neighborhood of over 400 homes and did some slight damage to houses but considerable damage to some trees on one particular street. It knocked the power out for 24 hours in much of our area, it caused the rerouting of traffic from a main county road through […]

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